Our cloud-driven solutions are intentionally lo-fi, meaning we build the simplest possible digital tools to get the job done. Technology should solve problems, not add complexity. Every feature should contribute to the business outcome you want. And the reason cloud solutions exist is to deliver results. Period.

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At Magnataur, we believe there’s always a simpler way. An easier, more effective way to solve business problems that focuses on results, not distractions.

our founder

Magnataur is the brainchild of Alexander Feng, a second generation software developer who’s been solving problems with code since birth.

As an IT leader at such companies as Citi, Oncor, and Bell Helicopter, he experienced firsthand how cumbersome IT systems could be. “I’ve been there,” he says. “I’ve been frustrated. I’ve gritted my teeth.”

At each stop, he’s drawn upon those experiences to create efficient, automated solutions that reduce costs, speed up product or service delivery, and empower teams to work faster and smarter. Now he brings that same focus to Magnatuar customers. His secret sauce? Helping people see the problem correctly, so they don’t get stuck in the weeds. Magnataur’s turnkey solutions make this possible, as they work with any tech stack in an organization — clearing the way to focus on what’s needed.

“There’s no magic button, but there’s always a way to simplify the problem you’re solving.”

alexander feng

How we build our teams

Hustle. Agility. Intuition. The ability to turn chaos into clarity. These are just a few of the traits that our team members demonstrate day in and day out.

That doesn’t just happen. We’ve chosen the best, brightest, and hungriest from trusted coding and business schools. But we also look for qualities that resumes can’t capture.

Every Magnataur candidate undergoes a rigorous interview process that includes completing Scoutible, an interactive role-playing game that reveals essential qualities like creativity, curiosity, and grit. Engineering candidates are also asked to develop a “pizza store app” in a coding language they’re unfamiliar with, giving us insights into their problem-solving approach and comfort with ambiguity. Together, these tests reveal candidates’ skills and character, and help us assemble teams that fit the precise needs of each project.

How do we create focused, fast solutions for your business? By building teams that know how to get the job done in any situation, in any field.

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