You’ve heard about digital transformations. Maybe you’ve even paid for one. But while it sounds impressively cutting edge, what does it actually mean for you?

We believe it means solutions that help you be more efficient. Communicate better. Work smarter. And, most importantly, advance the cyber health and growth of your business.

Our business agility solutions are built to solve the tangible business problems you face, not dazzle you with distractions. You can start with targeted solutions in areas like project management, business analytics, or system architecture, or we can partner on fully managed engagements to help you build a leaner, more agile business from top to bottom.

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What’s holding you back?

Discovery can be a frustrating process for cloud customers — a lumbering slog through chaos and ambiguity. With our disciplined framework, you get a simple, structured approach to defining your problems, assessing your tech environment, and eliminating uncertainty. From there, we’ll dig into your root problems and build simple, focused solutions to help your business thrive.

How We Work »

Business Agility Get support at any phase of a project or as part of a comprehensive package. Advisory Validate Optimize for scale Build Operationalize BUSINESS AGILITY PHASE 0 PHASE 1 PHASE 4 PHASE 2 PHASE 3


Get support at any phase of a project or as part of a comprehensive package.

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Optimize for scale

Identify your problems, define your goals, and learn about potential agility solutions with the help of our experienced project leaders.

We specialize in strategies to help streamline the flow of data inside and outside your organization — what we call the digital supply chain — so you can deliver digital goods and services faster and reduce costs.

Get an analysis of the problems you face by inviting us to dive into the data.

We’ll validate our assumptions or adjust as we learn more, giving you a firm understanding of your operational needs.

Receive a working prototype(s) for testing and evaluation.

Together, we’ll assess compatibility with your tech stack, effectiveness, and comfort level with your teams.

Get ongoing support as we operationalize the solution(s) within your business.

We’ll help you deploy new tools, train staff, and measure progress.

Boost organizational effectiveness by optimizing your solutions to succeed on an enterprise level.

Together, we’ll make sure your solutions work at the speed you need, where you need them, and when you need them.

Solutions center

Crafted by Magnataur’s experienced leadership team, our pre-built project plans get us 80% of the way to solving any business problem. Your project team takes it from there, customizing each plan to ensure you’re getting what you need most.

Data & Document Transformation: Rummy

Improve data analytics and make better business decisions by converting your data and documents into consistent, consumable formats.

DevSecOps Automation: Pendulum, Chat Ops

Embed automated security tests and controls early in the software development cycle to empower team collaboration and speed up delivery.

TRUST: SOC2, Cyber Hygiene & Access Management

Deploy industry-leading security safeguards and keep customer data safe with Trust services focused on compliance and bottom-up organizational security.

RevOps: Custom project

Maximize your revenue potential with automation solutions designed to align your marketing, sales, and service operations.

DSC Warehouse: custom project

Boost efficiency throughout your supply chain by digitizing key practices and optimizing technologies to meet your specific logistics needs.

Ready for a leaner, more agile business?

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