A strong compliance program is mission-critical, allowing you to enter markets with confidence, build customer trust, and prevent disruption. Yet not every company requires the same degree of assistance or protection, especially if you already have a program in place.

With our flagship Dash and Pendulum Compliance Assurance services, you can access the cloud security and compliance you need in a simple, systematic way.

We can partner with you on every stage of your compliance journey, or you can choose modular services to tighten up your strategy, controls, remediation process, and more.

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What’s your compliance posture?

Pendulum guides your organization through a meaningful sequence of compliance best practices, helping draw you into a rhythm of continuous improvement. Together, we’ll determine which areas you need to address and which areas are distractions. You’ll also receive our strategy team’s recommendations and a weighted scorecard to help you choose a cybersecurity provider.

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Get support at any phase of your journey or as part of a comprehensive package.

Phase 00

Establish governance (advisory)

Phase 01


Phase 02


Phase 03


Phase 04


Learn where you are and determine where you want to go in partnership with our strategic advisory team.

We’ll help you assess your cybersecurity posture, business risks, and threat landscape, then recommend a cloud security strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Create a baseline in 30 to 90 days

Get comprehensive security monitoring, including a unified pane-of-glass dashboard that integrates information from across your environment into a single display.


  • Security hub baseline
  • Log review
  • Access management

Close your compliance gaps in 60 to180 days

Identify and address your compliance issues with our SOAR deployment (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) and configuration solutions.


  • Security orchestration automation and response
  • DevSecOps pipeline
  • ChatOps


Scale your program in 1 to 3 quarters

Receive ongoing operational support as we operationalize and scale the program.


  • Organizational design
  • Service provider selection
  • Toolset utilization review


Attain your unqualified report over 4 to 8 quarters

Get help evaluating the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program, adapting to new realities, and reporting to stakeholders.


  • Program development
  • Control automation
  • Compliance assurance


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