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Technology Consulting 101: The Only Way Out is Through

Optimizing a business’s digital infrastructure isn’t a fly by wire project. Any technology consulting firm that truly understands how to facilitate a digital transformation should provide its clients with transparent time and planning estimates as part of a specific technology plan.

With that said, there is one general technology consultation rule that every business should expect to hear, “The only way out is through.” This means the best way to work out the technological problems a business is facing is to start working through the hardware and software tied to it. If you are currently using or looking to use the services of a digital transformation consulting firm to help improve your technology infrastructure, there are some examples to check for and determine if the general rule is being applied to your specific consultation plan.

Fix Data Model Drift

Data is a main component of practically every successful business today. But if the data inhabiting certain platforms are either absent or inaccurate, digital transformation consulting can be a big help in optimizing your data.

Periodic data integrity audits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, analytic tools, marketing tools, project-management tools, etc. is a smart strategy any technology consulting firm should be implementing for a client. Data audits help provide accurate data so that a business can work efficiently across different departments.

For example: Accurate analytic data means your sales team has a wealth of analytical information regarding your ideal prospect and how to target and contact them. An updated CRM platform ensures your accounting team is billing only current customers and at the correct amount.

If you haven’t touched your data in a while, then there’s no getting around the fact that a certain amount of manual work is needed to ensure your data across your tech platforms are at their most updated. Once the foundation has been laid for updating your data, integrations across different platforms should be considered for helping keep data accurate for the long run.

Adding Integrations When Possible

Integrating your business tools when possible is crucial not just for automating your data audits, but also optimizing general performance across your different platforms.

Taking the time to implement integrations across different platforms will require some time and resources in the short term, but helps provide simplicity and efficiency for your business in the long term.

For example: Integrating tools from your website with your CRM platform. As website visitors visit or interact with certain web pages or web forms, an integration between your website and CRM tool can trigger website visitors to be added to specific marketing drip campaigns in real time.

Integrations have become such a pivotal tool for business success, that many mainstream business platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google My business, and Slack offer hundreds to even thousands of integration options so businesses can sync their efforts across multiple digital platforms and apps.

Application Performance Optimization

Hardware is important only if you can define meaningful performance requirements at the application/service level. If your technology consultation doesn’t include an overview of the hardware being used by your company, you’re not receiving every benefit tech consultation has to offer.

Memory space is an important factor regarding computer performance. Checking with team members to ensure they are utilizing cloud platforms for storing work files rather than storing them directly on work laptops or desktops is important for optimizing hardware performance.

Do you create a lot of graphic design work in-house? PC devices with an i5 core processor and above are more suited for handling graphic design and video creatives while the pro version of Apple’s Macbook is best suited as well.

Does your business require a WiFi network for either your workforce or guests? Find out if your network will need either a switch or router system to optimize WiFi performance.

Efficient Technology Consulting Made Easy

Another sign of a professional technology consulting firm is one that helps you optimize your business with the tools you already have at hand. Here at Magnataur, simple, effective, and outcome oriented technology solutions are a big part of our value.

The reason for our values is because we never think it’s easier to try to fix a company’s data problem with a new tool. We too often see clients persuaded by a fantasy story where the latest domain-oriented SaaS tool has “a gold standard data model.” Yes, modern tools work great….once they have clean data. That is why we help businesses optimize efforts with tech platforms they already have in place before they are even asked to add another unnecessary business tool.